McGill Finance Essentials Certification

Financial literacy is perhaps an underrated field about which everyone should be aware, at least at the very basic level. Thanks to the McGill Personal Finance Essentials certification, I was able to learn the basics of debt and borrowing, sources of debt, credit scores and credit history, the role of credit cards, credit lines, mortgages, interest rates, compounding and discounting, comparing saving plans, strategic budget building, investment options such as bonds, stocks, indexes, passive and active mutual funds, diversification, common investment mistakes, progressive income taxes in Canada, indirect investment, TSFA's, RSSPs, GICs, realities of real state and behavioural finance. While at the very essential level (hence the title), these are all of the primordial importance when making responsible, educated financial decisions. Great initiative from McGill University - Desautels Faculty of Management in making this certification!


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