Sequential models: certification

I'm so proud to finally have completed the last course on #sequence #models from 's deep learning specialization by Andrew Ng!! This was a challenging but truly enriching and exciting course which taught me about:

- Sequential data
- Recurrent Neural Networks: vanilla #rnn's, GRU's and #lstm 's
- Language models and sequence generation
- Vanishing and exploding #gradients in RNN's
- Bi-directional RNN's
- Word embeddings: Properties and applications, analogies, Word2Vec (Skip-gram and CBOW) and Glove models
- Bias and debiasing of word embeddings
- Sequence-to-sequence architectures
- Image captioning
- #machinetranslation : Conditional language models, Beam search, length normalization, BLEU score and the #Attention model.
- Applications to face encoding, basic speech recognition (trigger word detection)


#machinelearning #nlp #artificialintelligence #coursera #andrewng


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